flexible, fun and fantastic fitted storage

Our built in fitted storage walls are bespoke units designed to suit your storage needs and can incorporate dental record storage, general storage and display areas. They can be designed as a feature storage wall behind reception counters if required and can compliment the reception counter to create a continuity in reception furniture. Fitted storage is ideal for maximising storage in particular area and can be designed to add some real wow factor with various colours and finishes. We can take your initial brief highlighting your fitted storage requirements and design a fitted storage configuration to suit.

For more information regarding our fitted storage please see our portfolio gallery and specification below. As always if you have any questions or require any advise our friendly team is on hand

“Xtract Furnitures fitted storage solutions not only maximise your storage capacity but they can be seamlessly integrated with your current scheme”

Design Features:
  • Large range of fitted storage designs
  • Custom built to fit the space available
  • Maximises storage capacity
  • Record, general and display storage can be incorporated
  • Low, medium or high level storage units
  • Durable and built to last ideal for heavy use
  • Manufactured to the highest standard
  • Can be fitted with hinged, sliding or tambour doors
  • Available in a large range of colours and finishes
  • Adjustable internal shelves and dividers
  • LED feature light (optional)